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Using “Keys” for Home Décor

metal vintage look skeleton keys wall art

Home Décor is the art of artistically combining imagination with creativity. Through treasure hunting we can find such objects and from their visual impact can create a new decorative piece.


Cast Iron Keys in all shapes an sizes. Choose what really impresses you.


Carefully chosen decorative objects add character to your house.

One such object is Vintage keys. It can become a different and attractive decorative element for purpose of home décor. The possibilities for using keys in interesting and beautiful ways are endless. Older keys usually come in unique shapes which can be used to create an antique work of art giving a special touch to your home.


Oversized keys can add a lot of dynamism to the walls.


Keys comes in various sizes and shapes. With beautifully peculiar curves and notches, keys can be used for creating a captivating home display.


Some keys are pure decorative in purpose.


Key can be used in varied ways for decoration. One can be hanging composition of keys for wall décor. The other compositions can include framed key art.


Old Keys can be used in a frame to make a very rich and unique wall decor item.

Placing a small collection of keys in a framed wall piece is an easy way to make it visually interesting. Few more ways can be displaying of vintage keys in a candy dish, hanging them on hooks, make a door chime using a bunch of keys.


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