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Mirror – Reflecting the outer and inner Soul

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Mirrors have been fascinating humankind for centuries. Initially taken as a reflection in still water it gradually evolved to stone and metal reflections. People started using it in their various endeavors like for scientific purposes or decoration. Mirrors not only reflect the outside world but also the inner soul.

Humans have been using mirrors from hundreds of years from protective to reflective and even merely to check the appearance. Mirrors while enhancing light and reflection can also simulate depth for small spaces. Mirrors are highly versatile in the sense that they can represent any décor style.


see your soul through mirrors from artlivo

Feng Shui for Mirror selection

Feng Shui- the Chinese way of interior decoration states selection and placement of mirror in the right direction attracts positive energy. While choosing mirror for your home the important thing to consider is its shape. Different shapes symbolize different beliefs. Where Round Mirror stands for unity and wealth, Square and rectangular shapes are believed to create balance. Mirrors are most effective when kept in a place to capture reflection of a beautiful picture or scene. Mirrors come in Vintage and Urban designs with their frames in traditional woods, metal, antique gold and decorated finishes.

Using Mirrors to make an impact on your Decor Placing of mirror on a wall opposite of a window wall can make a room feel larger. Keeping a beautifully framed mirror above the mantel of a fireplace can adds a reflective surface to the décor. A hallway is another good place where large mirror can be placed. It will open up the area and while brightening up the corridor. Mirrors reflect light into a space to brighten and enliven the decor. On placing correctly, mirrors while providing positive energy can also beautify your home by its grace and attraction.

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