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Curious Curios – Yagna Spoons

The flames of Yagna, the scared fire, symbolize unity with nature and purity. The Artlivo Yagna Spoons perfectly resonate these elements. In the yesteryears, wood was the undisputed medium of choice for making Yagna spoons. True to their customary make, Artlivo Yagna spoons are made of dense and long fiber pure mango wood. With time the wood has got wonderfully dried and exhibits a beautiful patina. Beautiful ethnic designs and patterns adorn these spoons and make them marvelous decoration pieces. Their unassuming structure and subtle composition perfectly unites with any home decor theme. As a pen holder on your side table or an ash tray in the living room or a center piece on the mantelpiece, this spoon blends with the room and soon becomes an integral part of our home.

Also known as Sruva, the Yagna Spoons were traditionally used by priests at the time of performing holy rituals. As spices are essentials to an Indian dish, a Yagna spoon is essential to a vedic rituals. Their purpose and utility is appreciated in temples, ashrams and religious households till date.

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