Jodhpur Handicraft

Jodhpur Handicraft is world famous for its unique artisan & styles. we have very good combination of vintage & modern art.

Jodhpur founded by Rao Jodha is situated in the lap of Thar Desert in North western region of Rajasthan. It is proudly known as “Sun City” due to its sunny weather almost throughout the year. Jodhpur handicraft is the renowned name in both national & international grounds which boasts of its heritage & culture.

Thousands of artisans from around the world find employment opportunities in this industry in Jodhpur Handicraft, keeping the ancient art of royal culture alive. Jodhpur handicraft covers various areas such as leatherwork, tie & die cloth work, jewelry art and many more but it is primarily known for its wood crafting. The sunny weather lasts straight for 10 months is favorable for dying the wood which one of the major aspect of the woodwork in Jodhpur. The royal culture has earned the magnet position and will also try to add more feathers in the hat.

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