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Maple Stepper Cum Side Table

Size: 49 × 36 × 54 cm
Made of: Solid Wood

Art Deco Furniture

The characteristics of art deco furniture are sleek, smooth, streamlined lines, geometrical patterns, and experimental use of industrial materials such as metals. plastics, and glass. Art deco furniture is modern and functional.

Recognize Art Deco Furniture

• Art deco design is recognizable because of three main things: distinct geometric shapes, intense, bright colors that stand out and a decorative look.
• Art Deco is characterized by a linear. hard edge or angular composition, often with a vertical emphasis, and highlighted with stylized decoration.
• Also, Art Deco, while being decorative, is simple, in that it doesn’t have any complicated shapes.
• The Art Deco movement is also characterized by clean lines, streamlining. and symmetry.
• Art Deco works exhibit abstraction, distortion, & simplification, particularly geometric shapes & highly intense colors.