Abhay Singhal & Shruti Goyal

CEO / Founder
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Furniture & Decor

We are a team of design geeks, web gurus, architects, artists and designers with a simple goal; to create high-quality unique home décor items, gifts, and accessories and share them at a remarkable Retail price. Our tight-knit crew handles every detail of your experience: from the website to the design of our products, to the way we deliver your goods. Our goal is to make you happier every day while keeping a firm focus on a sustainable and green lifestyle. Its founders have worked extensively in world’s leading Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Investment Banks.

Take a look at the Antique Collection

We are having collection of antique collectibles such as Printing Blocks, Vintage toys, Figurines, vintage kitchenware like Spice Box, and many more. Buy Antiques Online with Trusted Indian Brand Artlivo.