Why buy from Artlivo?

Artlivo is a premium brand targeting the 25-40 year young urban audience with a need to decorate their homes beautifully and looking for unique gifts for occasions.

Wondering! Why buy from Artlivo? Check out this section to answer all your questions about the quality of products and services of Artlivo, along with the USP of our brand.

Unique Designing & Selection:

  • Artistic yet modern products.
  • Perfectly blends / adds contrast to the modern furniture and look of the house.
  • Affordable yet Unique designs.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Through our extensive experience, we have come to realize that, where artistic home decor is concerned, price and quality are not necessarily synonymous.

Quality in delivery:

  • Exclusive and Unique Products well suited for your projects;
  • Well Packaged, ready to use – complete Products, with individual product codes for easy repeat purchases;

After Sales Service:

  • A branded product purchase experience.
  • Dedicated helpline for redressing all customer complaints and queries.

Happy Shopping