Table Decor Ideas

Me and You…

To my colourless days,
You added your subtle saffron hue.
And now, in dreary nights,
I remember the taste of you.

To my insipid imagination,
Add your colours, the ones the world never knew,
And now, your fragrance lives on,
Although hidden in boxes, I know where to find you.

To faded memories of times gone by,
You add your secrets, spicy but true.
Carved from history and tradition,
We are not too different, me and you

Bring home a piece of art and tradition with Artlivo’s vintage wooden spice boxes and travel back to the familiar sights and smells of your mother’s kitchen, to cinnamon-y memories of Sunday breakfasts and the spicy aroma of deep fried treats on rainy days. These spice boxes, carved from a single piece of wood are truly a work of art and can hold anything from your precious jewels to your guests’ attention!

Available in myriad shapes and sizes, these hand crafted spice boxes are perfect in their imperfections, and make for an unconventional yet lovely gifts. Browse through our collection of “Vintage Spice Boxes” and more OnTable Storage here.

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