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Cross(ing) your walls

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The symbol of Christianity i.e. “Cross” represents salvation from sins offered and hope. A public way of acknowledging gift of Christ to mankind is by display of Cross on walls of Churches, Homes and Businesses. A decorative Wall Cross made of wood or metal reminds of faith and spirituality. As an icon it symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus representing mystical nature of redemption by the savior and freeing mankind from its sins.

The wall Crosses offered in Artlivo gallery are a perfect blend of modern and traditional design making it a perfect gift for the festive season.


These cross are not restricted to any religion as it looks very beautiful when placed properly in our homes. The cross is one of the most ancient human symbols, and has been used by many religions, most notably Christianity.

It is not known when the first cross image was made; but, after circles, crosses are one of the first symbols drawn by children of all cultures.

Cross Home Decor Ideas

There is no ideal style to be followed while putting a cross on the wall. One can hang the cross upside down compared to it is placed normally. Putting metal cross in the flower pots or in the lawn draping with long plants like money plant looks awesome.  doing the same in the inner walls of home gives a greener and brighter look to the room.

A combination of unique personalized gift is enough to make someone feel delighted.  Here, at Artlivo we get you a fantastic range of delightful gifts and decorations for the festive season.

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