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“Face” on the wall

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Trends and styles in interior décor are only limited by the imagination. Wall masks are décor objects which have retained their novelty. As objects of art which evoke interest and curiosity, wall masks can make the space appear unique. If you are thinking of including wall masks to decorate your interior spaces, read further to appreciate the various benefits they offer.

Tribal Wall Mask

Wall masks are unique pieces of art which combine animal or human faces with emotions and other associations. As furniture items and other interior décor elements are becoming mass produced and standardised, wall masks retain their crafted character and add a very personalised touch. These pieces of art instantly add character to a room. The use of facial features and emotions personifies the masks and they cannot be unnoticed.

Similar to sculpture, wall masks are artwork which can be appreciated for their depth. Often, masks have features like horns or feathers which stand out from the rest of the mask body. Despite their sculptural value, they have a space-saving design which allows them to be used in spaces without causing obstruction to circulation.

Wall masks are not only art objects. Many styles such as African masks enjoy deep cultural associations. The masks were an important part of rituals and the tribal way of life. Culture and history enthusiasts can display their love for the subject by using these wall masks. These also make for great collectibles and gift items.

Wall masks are available in various sizes. Materials may include wood, ceramic, paper-mache, clay, metal or a combination of these.

Artlivo’s wooden mask

Animal masks







Masks can be in various styles. Theatrical masks like jester faces are very popular. Tribal masks from Africa and Venetian masks have long been appreciated for their aesthetics. Masks may also be as ceramic wall plaques and have a more compact design.

Hanging various masks on a wall can replace textured walls.


The masks making living room more lively!!

Masks are setting up new trends in bathroom as well.

Due to the potential of wall masks as conversation pieces, they are generally used in living rooms for entertainment. However, they can also be used in entrance lobbies, children’s bedrooms or even on a garden wall.


Masks – “A passage impression”

They can also be combined with other features like a wall fountain which is integrated with a wall mask to further highlight the novel effect.


A wall mask can thus be a unique element of your room and will surely interest visitors.


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