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“Formal Style” Home Décor featuring Sumptuousness

Luxurious room
Formal Style home décor is a combination of elements displaying elegance and luxury.
eclectic-living-roomLuxurious roomThis décor is generally found in hotels but can also be incorporated at various places including homes and offices. Houses are usually not constructed keeping in mind any particular style décor, but by adding certain elements these houses can be converted into desired homes.
Formal Style décor emphasizes on a point which catches all the attention. This focal point of attraction can be eye catching furniture or a classy painting in the centre of biggest wall. Formal Style décor fits in well at places with high housetops, large mantle, and tall windows. This décor comprises of furniture and fittings like polished woods, sparkling mirrors and beautiful chandeliers catching eyes and giving luxurious look.
Furniture darkFormal style décor includes antique furniture and accessories to add a touch of class to the interior. Furniture is usually taken in dark colors with polish giving shine to give rich and elegant look. Artificial or real plants kept in stylish containers add further grace to the interior. Formal style décor mainly emphasizes on symmetry, thus it takes care of all furniture, windows, flooring and even the artwork displaying harmony and rhythm.
Few ‘must’ haves for Formal Style décor are Antique and Shiny wooden pair of carved furniture, metal accessories, tall windows, decorative trims, rugs and carpets, oil paintings and Chandeliers. All these elements splurge opulence to the place making it graceful and attractive.

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