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A Different Angle

home after before

With home makeover one can create “a different angle” of viewing the same space. Home makeover does not always call for complete renovation. Even with few simple changes one can transform an ordinary space into vivacious one giving it a new and fresh look.

 home after before

Clear the Clutterclutter

Make your space free from unwanted furniture and things which may be giving it a compact look. Getting rid of old newspapers, magazines, books, and other trash can make the room look clean and open while making it appear bigger.

furnitureShift the Furniture

Changing the placement of major piece of furniture in a room can give it an all new look. By shifting the furniture and other things in the room, an entire new space can be created making the room look fresh.

All new look with Paintwall painting

An old furniture can be given a new identity with a coat of paint. By changing its color and painting it in a shade that blends well with the room, one can make it look eye catchy and centre of attraction.

flowerAdd Freshness with Flowers

Flowers add freshness to the environment. Irrespective of the season, flowers from its color n fragrance adds sophistication to the ambiance. Flowers can be kept at various places in the house, from dining table to bathroom sink or on the work desk. Fresh flowers if hard to get can also be replaced by artificial ones to increase the grace.

Candle to lighten up the room2

Beautiful scented candles in various colors, shapes and sizes can be kept in rooms to add an element of romance and intimacy in the atmosphere. Lighted candles bring serenity in the environment and also bring consolation, inspiration and peace of mind. With placement of candle, even a conventional space can be converted into exotic one.

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