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Remember the “Decor Rules”

colourful walls
We all decked up daily without any hassle. With selecting apparels to accessories we do it all with great ease, then why it becomes difficult when it comes to selection for home decor?
Let’s recall some basic rules of fashion and shopping. You may find these points conventional but have you ever thought that the same rules can work for home décor shopping as well? Lets discuss how these shopping and fashion rules can help with home decoration.
vintage-home-decorating1# Spend on Vintage
Deplete the considerable amount of budget on furniture or things that will last for long. For e.g. spending on an attractive sofa or eye catching armoire may prove beneficial for long time while serving the purpose.
colourful walls
2# Neutral can be Insipid..Enumerating Colors to Life..
Color inspires emotion, draws the eye, changes mood and even creates depth and volume. Instead of choosing off white or boring beige for walls, be bold, take control of your palette and choose your hues making home and life vivid and vibrant.
lighting room3# Highlighting the Best Features
Enhance the best feature of room using furniture, color or proper lighting. The ugly looking areas can be camouflaged by cover ups, wall paints or furniture making the room look attractive.
room size
4# Fit as per the Size
Furnishing in the room should be as per its size. A huge bed in a small room would make it congested while a teensy ottoman in a large room would mar the look.

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