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The Swedish Style Décor

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Swedish Style home décor comprises of unique Scandinavian modernism inspired by European tradition with bold displays. This style is characterized by high ceilings, soapstone stove and tall windows to let in the intense daylight of summer that lasts till 10:00 p.m.

Modern Scandinavia Living Room

Modern Scandinavia Living Room

The Swedish cottages can be either in modern or traditional style with cleanly lined furniture made of smooth teak usually painted in European style.


Furnitures usually painted in European style

Swedish summer cottages give a utilitarian practical view of every piece of furniture. Chairs would hang on the walls to get them out of the way, dining tables moves outside during summer and rest of the times it would be folded against the wall. Couches are doubled as fold down beds while end tables are used as trunks for storage purpose. Thus the refined casual aged and elegant appearance has a universal appeal and is popular for home décor.

nd tables are used as trunks for storage purpose

End tables are used as trunks for storage purpose

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