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I love Colors…

Your selection of color in home decor reveals quite a lot about you as a person. Every aspect of our life whether physical or emotional gets affected from colors. Colors can make a room appear intimate or loftier, smaller or larger. It can entirely change the mood and proportion of a room. For instance restaurant or kitchen painted in orange or yellow color can stimulate your appetite. Where green indicates shade of well being, red tend to keep people up. Bright jewel tones add brilliance, sand and blue-gray tones gives a look of day at the shore, while historical colors like blue, red conjure up period backdrops. White or pale colors look good in rooms with abundance of natural light, on the contrary, darker rooms look appealing in warm, rich colors. If kitchen too is in a darker room, buttery yellow walls can bring in the sun.Color Psychology

Color Texture RoomSelection of colors at times can be the most difficult part of decoration. If you have the knowledge about how colors interact with each other you can certainly play with colors. The best decoration theme appears when colors of same intensity and depth are mixed like pastels to be combined with those with similar lightness and bright colors to be shared with those of same vibrancy.

Color is not the only option to pop up a room. Beside color, pattern and textures can also be incorporated to jazz up a space. Selection of color is very personal. It is not to be decided on the basis of technical judgment from anybody. In the end what matters is your contentment and that your room looks attractive

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