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Industrial 3 Pin Legs Stool

Size: 43 × 43 × 56 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

Industrial 4 Leg Coffee Table – Small

Size: 57 × 57 × 49 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

Industrial 4 Leg Coffee Table- Large

Size: 77 × 77 × 48 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

Industrial Adjustable Bar Stool

Size: 46 × 46 × 78 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

Industrial Storage Coffee Table

Size: 66 × 66 × 40 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

Industrial Unipole Stool

Size: 30 × 30 × 49 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

FUSION Innocent Dog family

Size: 20 × 15 × 30 cm
Made of: Metal, Solid Wood

Industrial Storage Coffee Table – Large

Size: 86 × 86 × 32 cm
Made of: Iron, Solid Wood

What is Industrial Furniture & Decor

Industrial Furniture & Decor refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that came from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to apartments and other living spaces. We have Materials of industrial style include weathered wood, cast iron, exposed wooden style, rustic metal and many more.

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Shop our industrial furniture collection for rustic pieces reminds me of a unforgettable era, including raw wood tables, distressed metal bar stools, and crate shelves. trending style of the time, industrial style furniture emphasize unfinished wood, exposed metal elements. We present you this Industrial Furniture & Decor collection give charm to your home.

Features of Popular Industrial Furniture & Decor from

Industrial Furniture & Decor is distinctive for its use of rugged materials and almost effortless approach to beauty. Industrial chic living rooms have a variety of options for sofas and sectionals. You can pick a leather tufted sofa in a modern or weathered look, or opt for a Chesterfield sofa for a classical look. Case goods can be flexed across multiple room – industrial dressers, sideboards, and media cabinets can be placed in living rooms or bedrooms. Coffee tables and dining tables often feature distressed wood strengthen by steel legs. Another recent trend is concrete tables finished in a protective layer. Popular in bistros, industrial bar stools and dining chairs commonly combine rustic wood and hammered steel. In the office, industrial desks are characterized by a more decor and serious aesthetic, often with a thick wooden top with metal legs.

Design of Industrial Furniture & Decor

Designing around Industrial Furniture & Decor requires paying close attention to the dim colors and complex materials of the style’s pieces. In order to provide “”weight”” to your room, you should choose a centerpiece that is particularly eye-catching and high-profile. In the living room, that means a worn leather sofa, tufted Chesterfield couch, dark wood slab coffee table, or an oversized Persian rug. Be diverse with your colors and materials – if you have a brown couch, pair it with a black lounge chair; if you have a concrete coffee table, match it with a wood block side table. For a sophisticated finish, anchor your furniture on a cowhide or Oriental rug. Once in a while, you may want to add pieces from a contrasting style to offer a sense of eclecticism and distinctive character.