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Home Decor – “The Eco-friendly” way

green house

Go Green – Save Our Earth

Being environment friendly or Go green is the need of the hour. Go green doesn’t mean that the entire décor would be in theme of green. There are different ways to redecorate a house while being kind to the environment. Irrespective of style statement you can still decorate your home green without converting it into a forest.

Glass JarEmbellishing yet Energy efficient Playfully decorating idea for the wall to make it look creative is through the creation of a water wall with mason jars of different colors on preferably west facing window that gets maximum sunlight. During day time, heat is absorbed by water which is later released at night keeping the house cooler. To give a more decorative look, the clear glass jars can be filled with water mixed with food color dye. Jute DecorEnvironment affable materials When buying furniture for home consider furnishings made of renewable resources by which natural processes can be replenished. Examples of such materials are cork, reclaimed lumber, bamboo, beech wood, stainless steel and sustainable fibers like wool, jute, hemp etc. glass jarDécor while recycling The easiest way to home décor while being environment friendly is to reuse or incorporate recycled products. Source pieces or materials from yard sales and local thrift stores to make a unique up cycled furniture. With fresh paint, bright fabric and some time and energy can convert previously used dull, lifeless furniture into one masterpiece. Go Green Naturally A house can be converted into an Eco friendly healthier home with the addition of fresh planters. It improves the quality of indoor air. The abstract arrangements of cherry blossoms or fresh branches in terra cotta pots add pops of color to your décor making it look one of a kind.

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