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Father’s Day Contest

Fathers Day

Fun and excitement all 4 days, would like to thank all the participants who took part in the contest and also the people who supported to make them win. Everyone tried their level best to get into the top, but Gunavathy Ghun Jain finally managed to make it, and winning a cash voucher worth Rs.1000 (on any artlivo purchase). But there is some good news for the runners up too.

Here is what the concept was all about:Father's-Day-Contest

MY DAD IS ______________?

Describe your dad in one word, get the most number of likes on your comment and win INR 1,000 cash voucher from

It can be your love towards your ‎#father, it can be a message, it can be a personality trait of your father, or it can be a famous personality, it can be anything, so share the love by winning this voucher from us and gifting something special to your father on father’s day.


Happy Father’s Day!!

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