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Why am I decorating my “bathroom”?


Why decorate your lavatory? Well because it’s a room in your house whether private or common, needs consideration in terms of decoration to make it a pleasant space. With little expense and effort this abandoned place may it be large or small can be converted into an inviting place to spend time.

The easiest way to design a bathroom is through addition of accessories such as mirrors

The easiest way to design a bathroom is through addition of accessories such as mirrors

Designing the interior of a bathroom is quite a simple task. Since bathroom occupies a small space. Thus, with little time and creativity, its decoration can be quickly finished. The easiest way to design a bathroom is through addition of accessories such as area rugs, bath mats, posters, framed pictures, outlet covers, switch plate, wicker hampers, mirrors, tray for holding lotion or perfume bottles, baskets linked with fabrics for display of decorative soap, bath sets including wastebasket, tissue holder, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser etc. These accessories either in combination or when used alone can give a new look to the lavatory.


Artlivo provides some fantastic accessories for your bathroom too, it includes various tissue boxes designs, mirrors, pictureframes, wall hooks, trays and much more!

24Light colors should be used in the bathroom to give a relaxing atmosphere. An attractive shower curtain can also add color apart from the color of walls. Selection of bathtub should be done as per the size of bathroom. It should be neither too large nor too small. The ambience of bathroom can be enhanced with use of perfumed candles and soaps. barhroom-2 Theme bathrooms are also very popular now-a-days. With stylish bathtubs and matching shower accessories, faucets, fittings and curtains bathroom can be turned into a really stylish place. These fixtures and fittings can be selected on the basis of size of bathroom, usability and pre estimated budget.

A Modern designer bathroom provides the option of keeping wine or other preferred drink. For an exciting colorful look huge mirror can be placed with colored gleaming lights on it. To make the place more relaxing pebbles, sea shells or other stones can be placed in marble case.

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