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What your Zodiac Sign tells you about your Interior Design?

Zodiac Interior design

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)


A Taurus loves his/ her material possessions, and is greatly attached to them. The home of a Bull is often a worthwhile investment and a status symbol. Besides, comfort, luxury and stability are vital for these Venus ruled beings. And, thanks to Venus, aesthetics too don’t lag behind – interior designing and architecture sensibility come naturally to the Bulls. Usually, the dominant impression in a self-indulgent retreat of a Taurus is of rest, relaxation, beauty and deep contentment. And, not to be missed are the warmth, timeless elegance and rooted-in-time unhurried ways. As far as the finances permit them, Bulls will prefer to add plush, warmth inducing upholstery, drapes and furniture to their homes. Graceful extensions and additions to their homes are always on their minds. Flowery and ornamental plants find favour with the Bulls. Their sign is also closely associated with carpets and carpeted floors. The bedroom in a Bull’s house will effortlessly mirror all that is truly Taurus, complete with practical furniture, soft lighting and most touchable spreads. Last but not the least, as food is of utmost importance to most Bulls, methodical and spacious kitchen counters and dining area are vital in a Taurus’ home.


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