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Welcoming Summers with Umbrellas

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Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The air holds a vibrancy that winter seems to lack; the sky appears more blue and the future feels more promising. From golden sunshine to beautiful flowers, summer can warm even the coldest heart.

But is everything good about summers, especially places where sun seems to work overtime and with full efficiency? Well, not quite – the scorching heat sometimes makes sure to suck life out of you. Drinking water, eating ice creams etc. are all those hacks that we know of..but how amazing would it be if we had something that protected us from those UV rays and added a superb charm to our look at the same time

Well, this summer let’s try something unique, something new.. Something very interesting..So presenting some Indian, handmade, embroidered cotton umbrella – which are fashionable, artistic and undoubtedly a charmer. These umbrellas are handcrafted and hence give a gorgeous feeling – what’s more is that each piece of this umbrella is totally unique in color and design. So, let’s see what all can we do with these amazing piece of art:

  1. Hell yes, sun, I’m coming: Take it out in the scorching sunny afternoons and it vows to protect you from the cruel sun rays. Not just that, you’re an eye catcher – fashionable and unique, wherever you pass by!


  1. My Umbrella wedding: Hanging umbrellas from top, or decorating dining tables with them for shade is an excellent and very in concept. Your wedding would be nothing less than en epitome of vibrancy and would also give a very cheerful vibe. Also, the umbrella décor is very reasonable and easy to put. Of course, the same goes for those fun & dressy events like baby showers, garden barbeque parties etc.


  1. Home décor: If you have a party at home and you want to try out something that shall be remembered, try decorating your dining area with umbrella theme. Not just parties, on any usual day, decorating your room with colorful umbrellas add to their beauty.




  1. Can’t think of a gift: Of course, they work as a good budget gift on any occasion, they also work as an excellent return gifts in your parties – be it a birthday party, a kitty or a small corporate event.


So, what are you thinking? Welcome your summers with these multi utility umbrellas – buy them here!

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