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After finishing all the painting work and putting new furniture still your room looks dull and lifeless? Now is the time to give special touch up to the room to make it sparkle. Here are some magical do’s to add charm and interest to your personal space.
Using an Old Piece
An antique and carefully chosen chest of drawers, a side table, an armoire or a chair can jazz up the room. Such artistic piece catching attention and which can satisfy your senses can stand out as the star of the room.

Old is Gold

Placing Fresh Flowers and Plants
Keeping fresh flowers and plants add freshness and natural color to the room. Artificial flowers can also be used for dark spaces to beautify the place but make sure they are dust free.

Beauty and Warmth

Texture for an artistic look
Instead of tempting for everything identical in the room, a combination of rough and soft, flat and shiny or soft and hard surfaces can do wonders. A shaggy carpet with smooth fabric or glass mixed with rugged wood can add an interesting touch while keeping
everything unique and funky.

A Textured Feel

Accumulating the treasured
Everyone at some point of time may have collected things that may have memories attached with it close to their heart. These things can be in the form of musical instruments, old photos, antique vases, hats etc. All these can be used as basis for your room décor. Surrounding the room with things you cherish can make the room lovable and welcoming.

A welcoming Impression

Stencil for a picturesque view
Stencils can be used to give an aesthetic view to the room. With creative border on the painted wall or words of wisdom the otherwise boring walls can come alive with decorative flowers or amusing figures.

Make Your Walls Alive

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