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Big Fur
Big FurWith an increasing preference for relaxed lifestyle, Casual style décor is gaining popularity in homes today. The features of Casual style of decoration can be incorporated everywhere including rooms, kitchen or bathroom to make it comfortable. Casual interior consists of simple elements and arrangements displaying not so perfect look.
Furniture displayed in Casual style interior is usually oversized covered with soft upholstery providing comfort. The upholstery is generally taken in neutral or pastel colors giving a soft peaceful feeling. Textured fabrics are taken instead of shiny ones for furniture to give them a natural look.
Casual look in home décor consist of horizontal and large pieces of furniture instead of tall and vertical ones. Old antique furniture can fit in well in a casual style décor. This style of home décor mainly emphasizes on comfort and easiness thus matching furniture or pieces looking alike may not be required. Casual look can further be enhanced with the addition of treasured items. These items can be arranged on corner tabletop or on a shelf of a bookcase.
Antiq FurHome décor in Casual style would include lighting that provides a warm and cozy feeling. An old antique chandelier with real candles can give a casual look providing a comfy feeling. This style of home décor creates a warm and welcoming ambiance with almost everything around the house acting as a decorative piece.
The requisites for Casual style décor are bulky, oversized furniture with soft textured fabrics giving comfortable and homey look. The old and rustic accessories with rugged and worn surface would be add-on to the décor.

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