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Custom made “Wooden Jali Door” with 44 hanging bells for the beautiful pooja room at a client’s home.

Custom Door manufacturing

Recently we got an urgent requirement for pooja room’s door to be made in wood. The client was from Mumbai, and was looking for something really unique and eye catching as a door for his beautiful pooja room at home. We came on board and did a requirement analysis and started our work accordingly. The client was on tight schedule, as they wanted to inaugurate their house on pious occasion of Makar Sakranti.
Ultimately, we were able to complete the work and fulfill customer’s needs with the help of his architect and our artisans. The complete work got done in just 7 days from ordering to delivery and we just thought to share the process of this quick order

Here are 8 Stages:

Stage 1: Design:
First, we reviewed customer’s suggestion and idea for making the door for his pooja room. We also suggested some design changes and after reviewing our suggestions the customer finalized his order.

Stage 2: Production Planning:

We then, planned how to proceed with this project, and started coordinating with the architect and the artisans.

Stage 3: Raw Material Selection:

We then, selected the best-suited wood from our wood warehouse; wood was already treated for the furniture manufacturing.

Stage 4: Woodwork:

Then, we started work on this Door i.e., its frame and Jali design. The work took days and nights effort of 4 Artisans and got finally completed as such.

Stage 5: Polishing:

Natural Finishing was giving by Stain and Lacquer.

Stage 6: Bells installation:

Suitable sized bells were looked for in our warehouse and a look of 44 bells was created inside the jalis of the door to create a unique look.

Stage 7: Packaging:

Product was packed into bubble and corrugated paper. Then strip was placed on the product in order to make packing strong. Also, all the corners were covered by foam corners.

Stage 8: Delivering and Customer Happiness:

Delivering the door fast was a very big challenge. As it had to be transported from Jodhpur to Mumbai and it needed to cover a distance of 1000km in just 24 hours or less. Also the other concern was its safety, hence it was chosen to send it through Jet Cargo, despite the cost. Our associate in Mumbai picked it up from the airport and delivered it with care at customer’s home well in time.
Architect Ms. Shraddha was delighted to get it just in time. Mr. Shah also appreciated our efforts.

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