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Logo-New-pngWith most Indian artifacts and décor items easily available you can now initiate your home décor project on a war footing.   Keeping in mind the rich cultural and art tradition of our country spread across its vast expanse, you will find yourself wanting for a variety of artifacts from each state of India.

MA008_S2Price-Posts-Mirror-Bold-redIndian artifacts are made from wood, glass, marble and a combination of two of them.  Brightly coloured and attractively designed, each of the artifacts add a dash of colour to the room and home on the overall.

Beginning with the walls, you could place some attractive wooden tribal masks which were used for storytelling and for dance rituals or gaily decorated mirrors which make the room look expansive and bright.  Price-Posts.paraat-mirrorNandi BullFigurine shaped key hooks or key shaped key hook can be an eye catcher depending upon the ambiance of your room.

As you proceed to the dining room, vintage designed fans, wooden toy chakki, bull cart, wooden hut tea light candle holder and even yagna spoons can be used to enhance the décor of the dining table and the room. Yagna SpoonThis is not all, choose an attractive set of candle holdersPrice-Posts-athena-glass-candle, coasters and wall plates available either in metal or wood as per the theme of the room and make it even more appealing. The idea behind this should be to enjoy your dining experiences here whether with family or with friends.

Invest in a couple of chests or set of drawers which not only help you to store your things but also help you set up a seating area. Place attractive table linen and a set of candle stands accompanied by a figurehead and your seat is ready to be used. You could even place a hanging light bulb over it for added lighting.

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