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Browse the huge collection of Antique, Beautiful, custom-made & Vintage look made of Solid Wood, Acacia, Mango, Sheesham, Western Hemlock wood Painted by beautiful colors, long time use with rich woodwork done by Artisans for your rich look Solid wood Furniture

This type of furniture is usually newly made out of various types of wood. The popular wood varieties which we use are Mango, Acacia, Indian Mahogany and Teak… These pieces are according to the latest tastes and trends, yet are designed to last a lifetime.

The biggest benefit of solid wood over engineered wood (Ply, MDF, laminate, etc.) is that it can easily be re-finished to remove most of the marks of the normal wear and tear; while the only option with engineered wood is to discard them which is very harmful to the environment.

Also, Solid wood furniture is SOLID and strong and can withstand “house shifting” better than any of the engineered woods. Hence, this makes it a perfect choice for the government/defense personnel, young families and bachelors living on rent / getting frequently transferred.

Shop online for beautiful Solid Wood Furniture and decorate your home. The timeless art of solid wood furniture is available in various varieties of woods in various shades. The extensively used hardwoods are oak, mahogany, and mango. These are trustworthy wooden pieces collected from the trees and are processed into robust solid wood. The furniture items made out of these are strikingly attractive Oak- Most popular hardwood available in different textures and two colors variants-white oak and red oak. Mahogany- These are also known as redwoods and though a bit expensive, they transform the interiors into an aura of state-of-art decor. Mango- Mango is Indian wood primarily used for window frames or wooden decor accessories.

Our solid wood furniture Products are direct from Factory to your home, there is no middle man to take extra money from the customer, and hence, you get the best price with top quality!

Browse the solid wood furniture from the superior and high-toned solid wood furniture collection at Artlivo. The wooden furniture manages to mix eternal beauty and strength practically alongside any style. We have an exotic range of wooden furniture units crafted from solid wood which can enhance the durability, beauty and luxury symbol of any place.

Solid Wood Furniture: A Life-long Promise for your home Classy and cozy

The solid wood furniture units can add beauty and style to any home interior. From being the sturdy design to store all clutter and provide all the comfort and sophistication with an appropriate structure, these units are often the show-stopper of your home.

For this purpose, we’ve introduced a whole range of solid wood furniture, so that you’ll get everything for you and your dear ones.

Furniture made up of solid wood is overlaid with smooth and superior finishes like Natural, Teak, Mahogany, Honey, Walnut, etc.

So, plow ahead and draw a bead on the solid wood furniture online to feel the bliss of durability and dazzling looks.

The Long-lasting Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture units crafted from solid hardwood provides many timeless benefits. Every factor makes them strong enough so that they will be handed down from one generation to a different.

Here are some advantages of using solid wood furniture:

  1. All-time best: Undoubtedly one of the prime advantages of buying solid wood furniture online is that you’re getting a unit that will survive for generations. The units or items made up of this solid wood can stand constant abuse, whether it’s scratched within the area or spills within the kitchen.
  2. Easy to Clean: Just take a humid cloth, wipe your solid wood furniture and it’s very clean and clear. The units made up of solid wood are effortless to take care of.
  3. Natural Appearance: Who doesn’t want their abode to wow their guests? The solid wood furniture can add that such a lot of charm, elegance, and character. This wood conveys appearance at-its-peak and makes a definite statement in every sort of interior.

Room wise Catalogue of Solid Wood Furniture

  • Solid Wood Furniture for Living Room: The living room may be a place where friends and family gather to possess a cheerful time. This room requires the proper combination of sophistication and luxury. The solid wood furniture units like sofa cum bed for comfort, TV unit for entertainment, and occasional table for a chic look, form a perfect combo for this room.
  • Solid Wood Furniture for Bedroom: The bedroom may be a soothing oasis that needs all the comfort and clutter-free space with the pinch of fashion. The solid room furniture units like wardrobe and any size of the bed can do wonder.
  • Solid Wood Furniture for Study Room: A private and space equipped with all the amenities define the Study room. This room requires space for storing and a comfy place to work. The solid room furniture units just like the study table and bookshelves are the proper option.
  • Solid Wood Furniture for Pooja Room: Wooden Temple is that the important furniture unit. People believe idolatry, which is venerating to the physical objects considered as an embodiment of the lord. The existence of a home temple or Pooja Mandir online could also be a requirement within the house and it is the foremost convenient sacred route to worship the almighty. Checkout Artlivo exquisite range of pooja mandir for the house online, which is out therefrom, traditional to modern designs..

We manufacture the number of solid wood furniture units and these are available online in India as well as worldwide; you can get the one these as per your needs and desires.

Customization at Artlivo is available you can contact us directly via call +91-7822-800-800 or email: [email protected] and share you design, Size, Style & Solace.

We believe that when a customer gives their personalized touch to any product, it truly speaks out taste and way of living of homeowner. To get more connected with the product and to satisfy the customer in every aspect, we are ready to serve the personal needs in the form of Customization. Whether you want some changes in dimensions, comfort, and design in any solid wood furniture, we are here to listen and accomplish your requirements.

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