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Outdoor Furniture

What is Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Absorbing the spirit of nature after a hard day at work relaxes your body, therefore, you should strive for the elements that make you feel calm and happy. Apply your taste and the decor style while you buy outdoor furniture online for your garden. Outdoor furniture not only endows utmost comfort at its end but comes in an endless number of contemporary & vintage styles to add warmth to the visuals. Not all woods quality & care is equal, but if there’s one common benefit to all wood outdoor furniture, it’s the ageless appeal of its natural beauty. Pine, cedar, or fir are softer woods with some degree of natural weather resistance; hardwoods such as and teak boast exceptional durability and performance.

Benefits of Outdoor Furniture:

1. Lends a warm, casual feel to any outdoor space.
2. Acacia and cedar offer some natural weather resistance at a great value.
3. Teak provides incomparable durability that will last a lifetime if cared for properly.
4. Remain undamaged : Rain (if sealed properly), sunlight, humidity, wind, and extreme temperatures

Care Tips for Outdoor Furniture:

1. Always use coasters, pads or felt to avoid the appearance of moisture rings and heat marks
2. Sealing with varnishes or stains can help prevent warping in humid climates
3. If sealed wood, clean with a mild soapy water mixture to remove dirt, dust and pollen
4. If painted wood, avoid exposure to moisture, clean with a damp cloth
5. For untreated wood, keep out of rain and direct sunlight to preserve quality – clean with lightly damp cloth.

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