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Embossed Furniture & Decor has been hand crafted to the highest standards of both woodworking and metalworking to produce an exquisitely beautiful and long-lasting finish that will endure for generations. Our artisan craftsmen follow ancient as well as modern traditions of polished and Embossed Furniture & Decor plating techniques that have been perfected over hundreds of years, resulting in decorative art that delivers the full impact of India’s overwhelming sense of beauty, integrated in solidly made hard wood furniture built to last.

Trend of Embossed Furniture & Decor in India

Fashions may come and go, while furniture made for the moment is outshone a thousandfold by the stunning aesthetics of the finely crafted Indian Embossed Furniture & Decor, timeless with oriental allure. The embossed metal is nickel, brass chosen for its beautiful sheen and its overall resilience to weathering, one can polish up to a high sheen or soften to a dull golden hue, sheesham wood or mango wood for a piece of Indian white metal furniture fashioned to last through the ages.

Embossed Furniture & Decor is done by highly skilled artisan in India

Many of our highly skilled artisan woodworkers are so famous for their abilities that they are frequently commissioned by royalty for their beautiful designs. By bringing home one of these gorgeous pieces, you are ensuring that this ancient Indian tradition continues to flourish, generation after generation.

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