Candles – “A symbol of light”


Candles – “A symbol of light”

let the light shine

A solid block of wax with an embedded wick, “candles” lit to provide light, and sometimes heat, and historically as a method of keeping time. Candle has a special significance for mankind. Candle lighting is a traditional form of expressions in many cultures especially across international borders and societies. Lighting a candle has lot of benefits. Apart from lighting the surroundings it is a medium of meditation and prayer which bring serenity in the environment. It is the way of expressing intensity of feelings and thoughts

With the advancement of knowledge and science during the late 18th century, the whaling industry brought about the first main change in candle-making since the Middle Ages. Candles are also popular in today’s homes and more specifically church. They can bring an unimaginable comfort, for instance, to those who lost someone so special and dear in their lives.

I am a symbol of festivals

Today candles are used for various purposes and occasions. Some people use candles to decorate their house while others use it to add elegance and romance to the atmosphere. Candles make special occasions even more special. Different occasions have different significance for candles. A birthday cake remains incomplete without candle on it which represents age. Candle on a wedding cake symbolizes unity. There are many other occasions like Christmas etc. which are graced by candles. Everyone in their life at some point of time irrespective of the religion uses candles to make a prayer. A candle as it melts represent passing years of a human life. Different religions have different reasons for lighting candles. Lighting candle symbolizes human consciousness for every religion whether it be Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism with its flickering light and glow as an inspiration for those who behold it.

I am symbol of love
I am symbol of strength


Decorative candle holders, especially those shaped as a pedestal, are called candlesticks; if multiple candle tapers are held, the term candelabrum is also used. The root form of chandelier is from the word for candle, but now usually refers to an electric fixture. The word chandelier is sometimes now used to describe a hanging fixture designed to hold multiple tapers.

I am symbol of success

Candle can be a very nice gift for the loved ones on various occasions. It focuses power and path of life. Candle is a special and common gift for Christmas. On Christmas flame of candle is taken as light from heaven spreading warmth in middle of dark winters. It signifies hope, passion, prayer and love. Christmas candles comes in various size, shape, color and fragrance. It is an appropriate gift for occasions like birthday, house-warming, festivals. Gifting colored candles can have meaningful significance than a decorative value. Color contains the vibration and energy that may influence action, thoughts and health. It brings peace of mind, consolation and inspiration.

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