Wenge is an exotic wood with a natural growth range of the species is reported to be the open forests of Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon, the southern regions of Tanzania, and Mozambique. It is also found in the swampy forests of the Congo region. Wenge is reported to be a suitable substitute for Hickory for the production of sporting goods. It is moderately hard and resistant to wearing and marring. Strength qualities in compression parallel to grain are exceptionally high.

Avg Dry Wgt : 54 lbs/ft3 (870 kg/m3) | Janka Hardness : 1930lbf (8585 N) | Specific Gravity : 0.80

Texture : Medium to coarse
Grain Pattern : Fairly straight
Health Risk : Dermatitis, giddiness, drowsiness, irritation to eyes, skin, respiratory system
Color : Dark-brown with near black veins
Wood Type : Tropical Hardwood