Wood of the species Dipteryx odorata is most commonly called Cumaru among most woodworkers, though it is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak as well: primarily when used as hardwood flooring. Cumaru is also called by the name Tonka Bean, and the tree is commonly cultivated for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed the tonka bean which contains a chemical compound called coumarin.
Cumaru lumber is extremely stiff, strong, and hard, lending itself well to a variety of applications. It is sometimes used in place of the much more scarce Lignum Vitae. Some common uses for Cumaru include: flooring, cabinetry, furniture, heavy construction, docks, railroad ties, bearings, handles, and other turned objects.

Avg Dry Wgt : 68 lbs/ft3 (1095 kg/m3) | Janka Hardness : 3330lbf (14813 N) | Specific Gravity : 0.86

Texture : Fine
Grain Pattern : Fine
Health Risk : Unknown
Color : Medium to dark brown , sometimes having a reddish to purple hue
Wood Type : Dense Hardwood