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“Anti – Trend” a New Concept

leonid afremov art work

As usually where the Interior Designers are using the concept of mix and match for decorating our homes Interior. Now a new concept entered in the market that is something called ‘Anti-Trend’ Concept. Under this concept the designers are using a different thing or colour, that is the totally different from the other colours or thing, it would be different in colours, decorative light, high glass walls, unique Art pieces, funky patterns etc………….. by this we are getting unique and different look in our room.

Bright and Uniqueyellowliving

In this we can try single colour concept in our room, under this concept we are using same colour in all walls and on the all home furnishing items. But by applying this concept room something looks heavy, to avoid this we can change in the lights setting.

Mix up Styleroche-bobois-contemporary-furniture-decor

This style would be following for changing the traditional look with little touch of modern trend. In this traditional and contemporary art pieces are mix match and we can also use the flowers and some plants.

Unexpected Coloursunexpected-color-palettes6-590x786

If you don’t want to use art or any decorative piece, then you can also paint the room walls by using different colours. In this unexpected colour concept you can use Bold, Shayne, or glossy Colours. You can use these colours on window space, fire place, showcase etc. you can also use these colours on the corner or centre wall.

Fusion art piecesleonid_afremov_art_work_2

Using different art pieces, which are not the part of room theme. Putting the traditional paintings and art pieces, where the decorating with contemporary theme. Or using contemporary art pieces, if the room decorating with traditional theme. It just vice – versa. It’s highlighted the Interior of room or make it something different look to your room.

Different CurtainsPlain-Voile-Curtains-interior-carpet-design-trends-2011

You can also experiment with the different pattern of curtains. Where the decorative pieces, cushions and bed sheets are in satial colour, there you can use Cur tons in Bold or Printed Colour. In this you can use nature, floral, geometrical prints or you can use some graphics also. Due to different rooms these cur tons are the attraction point of the room.

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