About us

About us

Who is Artlivo?

We are a team of design geeks, web gurus, architects, artists and designers with a simple goal; to create high-quality unique home décor items, gifts, and accessories and share them at a remarkable price. Our tight-knit crew handles every detail of your experience: from the website to the design of our products, to the way we deliver your goods. Our goal is to make you happier every day while keeping a firm focus on a sustainable and green lifestyle. Its founders have worked extensively in world’s leading Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Investment Banks.

How is Artlivo sustainable?

We take our environment SERIOUSLY. We do this by focusing on our products: what happens when we design them, what happens when we make them and what happens when you take them home and use them. We consciously strive to get greener every day.
We know that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is to improve our products’ environmental performance. That’s why we design them to use less material, ship with smaller packaging, be free of toxic substances used by others and be as energy efficient and recyclable as possible.

Who do I contact about PR and/or media enquiries?

Send your public relations, marketing and partnership inquiries to [email protected].

What brands do you carry?

Artlivo is a creative workshop that designs, manufactures and curates its own collection of fine home décor and accessories. That being said, we only carry one brand: Artlivo. It’s the only way for us to guarantee amazing quality and design at an accessible price.

How can you offer high quality home decor so affordably?

Through our over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have come to realize that, where artistic home décor is concerned, price and quality are not necessarily synonymous. Because our team manages everything – from design to manufacturing, to retail – we have cut out those greedy middlemen to bring you great products at affordable prices. There are no ridiculous markups and everything goes into the final product – it’s what we like to call full value.

Will you have sample sales?

Keep an ear to the ground (and an eye to your email) for upcoming Artlivo sample sales in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. These sales are always a great opportunity for us to meet our favorite people: you. Also, it helps you to experience the products up close and personal.

We derive our foundations from one of the pioneer personalities in the space of Indian artifacts and handicrafts trade. Our journey began in 1973 when Shri R.C. Gupta left his secure government service with a single mission: putting Indian Art on the world map. He did so by working hand in hand with rural artisans to keep the designs indigenous while at the same time launching a series of new products in the fiercely contested global markets. His efforts and the corresponding success which followed have been widely acknowledged through the many honors which he received.

Today 30 years later, we continue to deliver the same creativity and commitment which once became R.C.’s identity in the international market. But we are doing it the other way round this time. Backed by a young and vibrant team, we are bringing our expertise in identifying and delivering artistic home décor to the modern Indian consumers of today.

In that sense, we like to think of ourselves as one of the youngest start-ups with a very old legacy.

We are forever thankful to R.C., for the innumerable contributions to Indian Art and to Artlivo.

Happy Shopping

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